Kristine Perry - Photo by Kristina CipollaSongsiree, meaning “Morning Star,”¬†is my legal middle name, given by my Native American grandparents. I am a nomadic artist originally from the United States. I was born and raised in San Diego, CA but also consider Las Vegas, NV my hometown.

At a very early age, I displayed a talent for drawing. Recognizing this, my family and teachers encouraged me to pursue art and I spent my younger years in private lessons and enrolled in several college level art courses as a teen. I graduated from a magnet high school specializing in the arts and earned a Bachelors in Fine Art, with a concentration in painting.

I developed a strong interest in art history during my undergraduate studies, which led me to complete an MLitt in Art History from the University of Glasgow, after spending many years working as a graphic designer.

History and research are integral parts of my artmaking process. My artwork is inspired by ancient myths, legends, and faiths. I enjoy identifying similarities and celebrating differences in the many stories found throughout the world. I suppose examining universality is an attempt at relating and connecting my own experience as a multi-racial woman to the wider human experience.