Guess Who

Fill in the Blanks and Colour

  1. Cynthia, Sarah, Lucy, and Ted have got fair hair.
  2. David has got fair hair and a mustache.
  3. Max ____________ got fair hair and a beard.
  4. Louie ____________ got red hair and a beard.
  5. Bill has got red hair and a __________________.
  6. Emily, Claire, Charlie have got red hair.
  7. Claire and Jacob have got red hair and glasses.
  8. Alan, Fred, Carl, Marsha, Katie, Laura, George, and James ____________ got dark hair.
  9. Sam, Gerard, and Mary ____________
    got gray hair.
  10. Fred, Sarah, Sam, Gerard, Richard, Katie, Bill, Louie, and David have got blue eyes.
  11. 12.Lucy, Mary, Jacob, and Ted have got green eyes.
  12. 13.Emily, Cynthia, Alan, Carl, Charlie, Laura, Marsha, George, and James ____________ got brown eyes.


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