Serbia Russia Trade Agreement


Serbia and Russia have recently signed a new trade agreement that aims to enhance economic cooperation between the two countries. The deal, which was signed in Moscow by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and Russian President Vladimir Putin, covers various sectors, including energy, agriculture, and infrastructure development.

Under the agreement, Russia will continue to supply Serbia with oil and gas at a discounted rate. The two countries will also work to increase agricultural exports, with Russia reportedly interested in importing more Serbian fruit and meat products.

Furthermore, the agreement includes provisions for joint infrastructure projects, such as the construction of a natural gas pipeline that will connect Serbia and Bulgaria to Russia’s TurkStream pipeline. This development is expected to improve energy security in the Balkans and serve as a lucrative source of revenue for both Serbia and Russia.

The trade agreement is significant for Serbia, which has been working to strengthen its economic ties with Russia in recent years. It is worth noting that Russia is one of Serbia’s top trading partners, and the two countries share cultural and historical ties that date back centuries.

The deal also comes at a time when Serbia is seeking to join the European Union (EU). Some analysts have raised concerns that the new agreement could complicate Serbia’s accession process, given the ongoing tensions between Brussels and Moscow. However, both Serbia and Russia have dismissed these concerns, stating that the agreement is purely economic in nature.

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